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Still on Purpose

What’s your purpose? What gives you fulfillment? Finding your purpose has a lot to do with job satisfaction and satisfaction in life, generally. I feel fulfilled, whenever you reading this get inspired or motivated...


The African Voice

I am sitting outside, with the breeze caressing my face, as the transistor radio goes on and on by my side. The situation is getting worse across Africa it says; they say I am...

Discovering your purpose 0

Discovering Your Purpose

What do you draw strength from? Your start-up? Your enterprise? Your kids? Or simply making a little difference in the world? Sometimes, when it feels like

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Becoming a Success

The road to success is never a smooth journey. It’s fraught with lots of potholes, and gigantic waves on the sea. We just have to stay focused.


Being Thankful for The Little Things

Sometimes, all we do is complain, look over our shoulders and wishing we had what others have, but we fail to realise that we are better off than a greater proportion of the population,...


Living Life (Self Improvement)

We only have one life to live. Many go through life focusing on what’s not important. For some reason I am yet to understand, we always seem to be in a hurry(myself included)….man made...

One last shot 0

One Last Shot

Some times in life, we encounter situations that threaten to tear us apart, and sniff out the essence of life itself from within. The people we look up to are gone. Friends and family-our...

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Never Give Up

When I look at little babies learning how to walk, I notice that they stumble countless times. Sometimes, they fall hard or even burst a lip. But this doesn’t deter them from learning. They...

One last shot 0

Happier Families

When I was much younger, I attended a boarding high school as some of you may know (it’s commonplace in England, not so sure about The States). It was normal practice then, for students...