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Portugal vs Spain 0

World Cup: Portugal meets Spain. Preview

The Russia 2018 World Cup has been filled with great performances so far, with the shift put in by Russia, the stand out performance of all. Iran has just shocked Morocco, and this is...

Egypt vs Uruguay 0

World Cup Day 2: Egypt vs Uruguay Preview

With the hope of a nation on his shoulders, Mohamed Salah has been passed fit for Egypt’s first game in a World Cup in 28 years. “Salah has recovered and will play tomorrow. And...


The Green Children of Woolpit

Once upon a time, sometime in the 12th century, in a little village called Woolpit-which is located in Suffolk, England, two children popped out of nowhere, as we were told. Oh, did I mention...


Still on Purpose

What’s your purpose? What gives you fulfillment? Finding your purpose has a lot to do with job satisfaction and satisfaction in life, generally. I feel fulfilled, whenever you reading this get inspired or motivated...


Worst Dictators of Recent Memory

12. Adolf Hitler, 1889 -1945 (Germany) Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, in 1889. He was a German politician, and was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the...


The African Voice

I am sitting outside, with the breeze caressing my face, as the transistor radio goes on and on by my side. The situation is getting worse across Africa it says; they say I am...